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Breeding stock

Human and animals are equally herded : ... this substance can only be generated through the psychic pattern of terror, and can only be catalytically effective when obtained from a still-living though on-the-verge-of-death-from-terror subject.

It also seems to be very probable that much of the more horrific stuff that is being reported by various "escapees" from various mind-control programs, or from "underground bases" where they have witnessed unparalleled scenes of horror, may have been deliberately exposed to projected and controlled thought-forms. These individuals have been 'selected' to escape from their captors or programmers, to be returned to the regular world so as to begin circulating their fearful and depressing stories. This is calculated to induce an atmosphere of terror, the cumulative energies of which will, of course, serve admirably as "food". Another aim is to instill an overall atmosphere of depression, despair and ultimate defeatism before 'they" even surface on any large scale to the daylight of general mass perception. In this way, they can devitalize any potential resistance or aggressive anger before the fact.

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