RacReciR (ricercar07) wrote,

Messages from the Unseen World

En mars 1955, quelques mois avant sa mort, Turing envoya une série de cartes postales cryptiques à un de ses amis Robin Gandy.
La première fut perdue.
Les trois suivantes comportaient une liste numérotée d'aphorismes intitulés : Messages from the Unseen World.

III. The Universe is the interior of the Light Cone of the Creation.

IV. Science is a differential Equation. Religion is a Boundary Condition. (signée Arthur Stanley  avec un postscriptum “ ? Does the gravitation constant decrease ?”)

V. Hyperboloids of wondrous Light
    Rolling for aye through Space and Time
    Harbour Shelter there Waves which somehow might
    Play out God's wondrous pantomime

VI. Particles are founts

VII. Charge = e/π arg of character of a 2π rotation

VIII. The Exclusion Principle is laid down purely for the benefit of the electrons themselves, who might be corrupted (and become dragons or demons) if allowed to associate too freely.
Tags: 67è anniversaire de Pearl Harbour
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