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Cold Fusion

exposition d'un thème
I've been using Cold Fusion since CF2.X in 1995 (oct or nov, I don't remember well). I used it to develop a distributed architecture for the intranet of my employer (the RATP, the parisean transport compagny).
The architecture (Ricercar of course) has been running since the 16th of jan 1996 and is still powering some 20 virtual servers (coupled with Website Pro).
I've also got a copy which runs my personal homesite (http://ricercar.homedns.org) and holds an exact copy of the RATP architecture

I am the author of the first world wide Ph.D. thesis describing a distributed and reflexive architecture of an intranet (I am sorry, it is in French which explains somehow its confidential success) .
I baptized it RICERCAR, which is an acronym Bach used for some of his most complex fugues in the Musical Offering (one could spell mine "Reliability of an Intranet: Consistency in an Entreprise, using a Reflexive Common ARchitecture" but I have made lots of those ;-).

Since my thesis (1996-1998) and evading harrassment in my job, I've finally fulfilled one of my most cherished dreams : learning piano.
I got my first piano course in september 1998 and 7 years after my Ph.D, ie a few days ago, I've begun learning Bach's RICERCAR à 3.
One can't imagine how enthralled  I am while conversing with Bach. A long way to go and a lot of suffering in perspective with that third voice.

I had imagined, as a kid, a time machine (run by an AI) and motored by a Cold Fusion engine which, I surmised, would provide enough energy for both AI and time travel.
Life has an odd sense of humour and I've used a Cold Fusion to build my own private time machine (learning Bach and piano) AND my own private AI (my Ph.D has been labelled in the AI field and contains some ideas on how that distributed architecture could bootstrap into something else).

I can say for sure that CF has impacted my life in ways I could not encompass.
One should indeed be carefull with one wishes as they sometimes come true in the most weirdest imaginable form.
I dreamed in french. Had I dreamt in English, my life would've been completely different.

Regis Iussu Cantio Et Reliqua Canonica Arte Resoluta (that's Bach's RICERCAR in Latin : The King issued a Chant and my Art Resorted to Solve it in a Canonical way).

Happy Birthday Cold Fusion. May your dreams come true !

Quaerendo Invenietis. Seek and ye shall find.
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